Residential Aged Care

Acceptable loan purposes:

  • Purchase and construction of new freehold sites.
  • Purchase of existing mature Retirement Villages.
  • Freehold/ leasehold improvements.
  • Repurchase of a unit.

Approval criteria (exceptions may apply):

  • 60 + Beds: up to 65% of going concern valuation by a bank instructed valuer.
  • Facilities <60 beds may be considered where part of a group.
  • Non-Construction: Fixed & Floating Charge (over all assets including rights and licences), Directors’ Guarantees.
  • Construction: Fixed & Floating Charge (over all assets). Tripartite Agreement between the Bank, client & builder, Directors’ Guarantees.
  • Specialist panel valuer to provide a ‘going concern’ valuation, addressed to the Bank for the purposes of mortgage, and is to be found satisfactory to the Bank.
  • Evidence that the Aged Care facility is an Approved Provider, Accredited and Certified and holds all other relevant licences.
  • Evidence that operator has in place an appropriate Liquidity Management Strategy (LMS) to comply with the User Rights Principals of the Aged Care Act 1997, to cover working capital requirements. Operator must be able to demonstrate access to sufficient funds to meet this requirement.
  • Evidence that the ACF holds current accreditation and certification certificates issued by the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) or other relevant Federal Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency (Agency).
  • Evidence of all allocated places, extra services places or community care packages issued to the approved provider in respect of the ACF.
  • Satisfactory evidence of compliance with all statutory and regulatory obligations in relation to the operation of the residential aged care facility.
  • A current schedule of all accommodation bonds, resident agreements or other agreements or contracts that exists between the Approved Provider and any care recipient.
  • Copy of external audit certificate evidencing the maintenance of agreed liquidity related to the accommodation bonds (Note: Liquidity arrangements require approval by Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care and are to be submitted annually).