Pubs, Bars, Taverns, Motels & Hotels

Acceptable loan purposes:

  • For acquisition of or improvements to drinking hotels.
  • Finance for Licensed Recreational Clubs & profitable, well-managed, medium to large clubs with a strong competitive advantage in their local market.

Qualification criteria:

  • Minimum 3 years industry experience as a successful publican or
  • 5 years as a successful hotel manager, in an equivalent operation is required.
  • Demonstrate the ability to service debt.
  • Proof of a detailed maintenance / refurbishment plan at no more than 3 to 5 year intervals, supported by professional advice in need.
  • Individual hotel performance will depend upon the mix of various cost centres within the establishment, and will cover (as applicable): Bar, Gaming, Nightclub, Bistro, and Packaged liquor.
  • Stable and competent directors preferably with a background in business / finance, and
  • Competent secretary-manager / financial controller / general manager with appropriate professional and industry qualifications Verifications Required.
  • Quality of the liquor licence, gaming licence and security property.
  • Name of licensee and determine the status of the licence (i.e. special conditions, complaints, etc).
  • Level of fees and currency.
  • Special entertainment approvals (e.g. by local council).