Legal Document Templates

We’ve often found that at the time our clients require finance options and advice, that they are also in need of legal advice and guidance on contracts.

To the end of arming our clients with the basics to have a discussion with their solicitor please find some handy templates linked below.

NB: These templates are not a replacement for expert legal advice and use is cautioned without appropriate legal expertise.

For businesses:

  • Confidentiality Agreement – Useful when presenting ideas and information you may wish to keep confidential to specific parties.
  • Business Plan – Useful when presenting a proposal for a new business venture to a potential funder such as an investor or lender.
  • Purchase of Business Agreement – A useful starting point when wanting to put forward a proposal to a business owner you are looking to purchase a business or shares from.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement – Useful when discussing a potential purchase or sale of a sensitive nature.

For individuals:

  • Loan Agreement – Useful for loans between family members.
  • Rental/Lease Agreement – Useful for landlords considering self-managing their investment property.
  • Last Will and Testament – A starting point for anyone that has not yet prepared a will and has considerations to do with assets and beneficiaries.
  • Power of Attorney – A starting point for anyone considering the appointment of a Power of Attorney.
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