Investment Mortgages

Property Investments

  • As a property investor, the choice between investing in industrial, commercial, or residential property can be challenging.
  • Given the specialised nature of industrial and commercial property investment, especially if you are financing such as an investment, we recommend chatting with one of our Credit Advisers rather than go it alone.

Private Mortgages

  • Naritas is actively involved in Private Mortgage Lending. We seek expressions of interest from corporations and high-net wealth private investors who wish to fund short-term (typically under 12 month term) commercial (i.e. non-NCCP Act governed mortgages).
  • Typically the investment is secured by way of a registered 1st or 2nd mortgage against the collateral offered by the borrower. All investment scenarios are designed ad hoc to suit your needs. Our borrowers are typically seeking solutions at a cost of 1 to 4% p/m with returns flexible depending on the design of the investment vehicle.
  • If you fall under the ASIC definition of a sophisticated investor, or are operating a corporation that seeks to invest in such loans, we would be interested in chatting with you or your nominated financial or legal representative.

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