The Reality of Renovation

Each season there is a at least one ‘reality’ home improvement or renovation program on the TV programming.  As exciting as these shows make renovation look, real world renovating can be tough – not just physically, but financially as well.

Before you get carried away by the TV screen, consider the following tips and questions.

Plan aheadRenovation

While it does not make for entertaining TV, some diligent planning is always involved in any successful renovation project.

Before starting a project, ascertain how much you can afford to spend, which areas you will renovate, how extensive the project will be, how long it will take, and who will help.

Is it in budget?

The most important element of a successful renovation is creating a realistic budget at the outset.  A well thought out budget will allow you to prioritise work and materials, to determine the overall scope of works, and most importantly, to avoid the dreaded ‘reno blow out’.

Include all material costs, labour fees and additional expenses such as pest control provisions in your budget.  And do not forget to allow for costs you did not anticipate.

While the results of TV shows might look remarkable, spending too much on finishing touches read more….