Taking on the Competition

Most businesses strive to be the best in their fields.  But what happens when one of your competitors is quickly gaining7b664734-a30d-4462-bba9-f58cf8148550 on you? Or even worse, breaking ahead?  To run a profitable business you do not necessarily need to be the best– but you do need to maintain a competitive edge.
Whether it is an established competitor you cannot seem to shake or a new competitor making waves in the market, it is crucial to keep an eye on what they are doing and plan your business moves accordingly.

A great way to assess and reinvigorate your competitive position is to start with a SWOT analysis.  A SWOT analysis is an assessment of your business’ Strengths and Weaknesses while considering business Opportunities and Threats.  Undertaking a SWOT analysis will enable you to explore the best opportunities for your business to grow, and read more….