How to secure your ideal property without a deposit

When you have found a suitable property and need to secure the purchase with a deposit, a deposit guarantee can help. As long as you have the funds available at settlement, with a deposit guarantee  you are in the position to secure your ideal property and don’t need to provide the deposit in cash. Naritas offers short term guarantees to suit settlement terms of up to 6 months and is suitable for all types of residential property including vacant land.

How do I apply?

To apply, just complete an application form and show that you have sufficient funds to complete the purchase at settlement.

Can I use a Deposit Guarantee at auctions?Casa-Inlet-Retreat-by-MW-Works-Architecture-main

Yes. A Deposit Guarantee can be issued prior to attending an auction. The amount of the Deposit Guarantee is fixed, but the property details are not, so you can attend a number of auctions. When you are the successful bidder, you simply complete the vendor and property details on the Deposit Guarantee Certificate.

Can I obtain a refund if I don’t use the Guarantee?

The fee will be partially refunded if you return the unused, original Guarantee Certificate within 30 days of issue. An administration fee will be deducted and the balance will be refunded to you.

Hey, thanks for the info. Now what?

If you would like to to discuss your situation Live Chat  with a Naritas Advisor now or alternatively apply for a deposit bond online.

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