Only for February! Over 80%LVR home buyer promotion


Exclusively at Naritas: Get your application fee waived, $1000 settlement cashback, a low ongoing interest rate and some of the cheapest LMI premiums on the market during February at Hunter United!



Naritas exclusive for Hunter United: Application fee waived (saving you $300) plus $1000 cashback at settlement. We think this offer is sure to appeal to owner occupier buyers seeking a great finance package for their over 80%LVR home purchase.

How does Hunter United compare to some of the most marketed brands in the category of $300,000 to $500,000 mortgages at 80%+LVR?


Hunter United Beyond Bank CUA uBank
Variable interest rate for

80-90% LVR loans on $300-500K loan size









Max 80%LVR

so n/a

Application/settlement fee -$0^* -$150 -$0 -$300 n/a
Valuation cost -~$250 -~$350 -$0 -~$220 n/a
Settlement cashback^^ +$1000 +$0 +$0 +$0 n/a
Net Establishment Fees $750 (yes – you’ll have cash in your pocket!) -$500 $0 -$520 n/a
Annual fees -$60 -$0 -$0 -$0 n/a
Net fees after 5 years $450 (yes – you’ll still be ahead!!) -$500 $0 -$520 n/a
Includes 100% offset account Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a
Covered by Australian Government guarantee on deposit funds? Yes Yes Yes No n/a


* Finance is subject to Hunter United’s normal credit approval process. Full terms and conditions will be included with your loan offer. Fees and charges apply. This information does not take your personal objectives, circumstances or needs into account, please consider whether it is appropriate for you.

^ Application fee waiver exclusively available to loans introduced by Naritas. Valid for applications received 01/02/16- 29/02/16.

^^ Settlement Cashback exclusively available to loans introduced by Naritas. T&Cs apply.


What kind of  savings can I expect on LMI?

Home value 90% LVR Savings on LMI Premium 85% LVR Savings on LMI Premium
$300,000 $270,000 $458 $255,000 $108
$400,000 $360,000 $804 $340,000 $998
$500,000 $450,000 $1005 $425,000 $1247


  • $150 LMI documentation fee may apply.
  • Examples are provided in comparison to home lender
  • Borrowers should rely on their own inquiries

Why choose Hunter United as your lender?

  • More than 50 years in lending.
  • 100% customer owned & Australian operated.
  • Great low variable rates.
  • You’re treated like a person, not a number.
  • Comes with a 100% interest offset account backed by the Australian Government Guarantee on deposit funds.


How do I get started with this promotion from Naritas?

To make an enquiry online, click here.

Alternatively please feel free to phone us on 1300 558 887 during business hours.