Insure your family’s future

What would ensue if a grave accident or illness left you incapable of meeting your mortgage repayments or other financial obligations?

No one enjoys the thought of falling ill, becoming victim to a serious accident, or even worse, dying. But unfortunately, the truth is severe illnesses or accidents may happen.

If you have significant obligations, such as a loan for a family home, and have a family to consider, what would you and your family do in the event you are no longer financially stable?

Whilst taking out a home loan, you may consider options such as mortgage protection insurance, illness, accident, or total or permanent disability insurance. Covers, types and levels will differ from one insurance provider to another. However, you will typically be able to take out cover for the full value of your home loan.

There could be a limit or different situations for circumstances cover could apply. Kinds of illness cover vary, but can comprise of Life Cover and Terminal Illness, which delivers lump sum benefits in the event of death or terminal illness.

Some kinds of insurance may additionally cover you in the event of accident and trauma. Other incidents that may also be covered include heart attack, cancer, stroke and coronary artery bypass surgery.
Cover can differ according to your specific needs and finances, and you can pay for your insurance completely or via instalments.


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