Creative Finance Solutions For SME Borrowers

Small business is the engine room of the Australian economy. 90% of businesses have fewer than 15 staff and out of the 11.5 million working Australians, 2.4 million are self employed with 8 million employed by small business*.

At Naritas we take the time to understand your needs and work with you to find a solution.


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Why consider using Naritas?

  • Options for businesses as young as 3 months
  • Solutions for business expansion
  • Unlimited number of debts consolidated**
  • ATO debt consolidation
  • All mortgage arrears considered**
  • Cash out options – up to $200,000**
  • Now accepting an Accountants Letter for income verification

At Naritas we have a panel of over 100 lenders which means that we can provide you access to loans that are designed to be more flexible than those of traditional lenders. Our customers come from all walks of life and we believe we serve a broader and more representative cross-section of the community than the major banks do. This diversity includes:

  • Successful business people raising working capital to expand their current ventures
  • Entrepreneurs in the early stages of starting a business
  • Contractors working on a variety of short-term projects
  • People who are consolidating credit cards/store cards to reduce their monthly repayments
  • Borrowers with credit problems looking to put them in their past
  • Property investors raising funds to purchase another property
  • Recent divorcees funding the division of their assets
  • Recent arrivals to the country

Many of our clients are self-employed, and we understand the difficulties facing small business operators, both in terms of managing cash flow within a business, and in demonstrating serviceability when it comes to applying for a loan.

Some of our customers have had credit problems (we don’t find that surprising as around 10-15% of the community have) and to them we offer an open mind and an understanding approach.

Points of difference:

  • No credit scoring
  • Been rejected elsewhere? We accept other lenders application forms!
  • Arrears assessed ad hoc
  • Transparent interest rates & fees
  • Defaults < $1000 ignored
  • Only 3 months of ABN registration required with income calculations determined by industry and profession

Solutions for:

  • Startup/business expansion capital (secured by residential property)
  • Cash out options for business and personal purposes
  • Payout of ATO debt
  • Payout of other non-conforming lenders, private and/or solicitor finance
  • Residential & lifestyle security up to 5 acres

How do I get assistance with getting approved?

The team at Naritas are experts in delivering timely guidance & finance approvals.  We have over 100 lenders on our panel & a high quality team of dedicated advisers to steer you efficiently through the approval process.

To make an enquiry online with our team, click here. Alternatively please feel free to phone us on 1300 558 887 during business hours.


*According to

**Terms and conditions, fees and charges and lender lending criteria apply.