SMSF: Residential Property

How can an individual benefit from changes to Self Managed Superannuation rules?

  • We all understand that any investment acquisition is a large decision, particularly in today’s economic climate, however looking forward we all must understand how the recent general-loan-1-04global credit crisis has affected the way in which we view our long term strategy – and it is realistic to state that no-one will look after your financial future like you can.
  • Many people do not realise that they are sitting on a financial goldmine that allows them to do that without the need for equity in an existing property or a cash deposit. The benefit of such a strategy is that you can purchase an investment property with as little as $100,000 in your superannuation account and you also have the benefit of combining between husband and wife or any group of up to four people (e.g. families). This amount would cover the deposit plus purchasing costs for the property and still leave sufficient reserves in the fund to assist with other property expenses.
  • In addition to this you will also require a Self Managed Super Fund and a property trust which we can align using industry specialists to suit your requirements.

Why invest in property through superannuation?

  • Innovative Government legislation now permits superannuation funds to borrow for the purpose of purchasing investment property. With the benefits of a conventional property investment combined with the advantages of a highly beneficial tax investment environment you are really receiving the best of both worlds. There is potentially no income tax or capital gains tax at retirement.
  • Grow your superannuation with property. Purchase property with your super? What a super idea!!
  • Naritas is a specialist in assisting investors to source investment properties that are compliant with the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS). With the assistance of our partners, we will ensure that the necessary regulatory and enduring requirements are satisfied. We can show you how to take control and benefit from the changes to legislation.

Why Naritas?

  • Market leading processes & technology powering the fastest approval times.
  • Extended support hours & our leading edge customer service system equipping you with access to our mobile apps, support portal and live chat for access to advice & support when and where you need it.2d1139ed-d6d0-4e07-bf53-639aeed3891d
  • Advisers & staff that you can trust that are experts in their field.
  • track record of successful outcomes for our clients that sees them return to us as opposed to going to the lender directly.
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  • Value adds such as free valuations, custom engineered advice and dedicated support for the life of your loan.
  • It is because of our investment experience and dynamic approach to wealth creation that we continue as industry leaders, providing a source of information for over ten years.
  • Our service encompasses the complete spectrum of available information in this emerging space, which allows you to take advantage of the knowledge and options associated with areas ranging from finance, SMSFs and property investment.
  • Naritas has the knowledge, products, services and partnerships to transfer your retail fund into an SMSF and provide you the control and access to property investments through your own superannuation fund.

We have aligned ourselves with industry professionals such as:

  • CPAs

  • Chartered accountants

  • Financial planners

  • Solicitors

  • Financial institutions

Utilising the wealth of information available from these professional practitioners, we are able to maintain current information and legislation that may affect you, this information will ensure you will benefit.