Loyalty Bonus Offer – Get a $1000 Gift Card!

Get a $1000 Woolworth’s WISH Gift card if you’re borrowing $500,000 or more courtesy of Naritas!*

Loyalty Bonus Terms & Conditions:
  • Only one $1000 Gift card will be issued per application.
  • Loan must be settled by 30 December 2019.
  • Total eligible mortgage loan balance must be greater than or equal to $500,000 for the first 31 days after loan settlement.  The figure used for the purpose of determining gift card eligibility will be the lowest mortgage balance measured during the 31 calendar days post settlement. The value of monies held in any attached 100% offset account, and/or in associated equity releases and/or any undrawn funds from the application will be deducted from that minimum value.
  • Applies to residentially secured mortgages only.
  • Criteria such as a clawback period may apply (depending on the lender you select), speak to one of our Credit Advisers for further details.
  • If you reduce the size of your approved loan by more than 30% within 731 days after loan settlement we reserve the right to claw back the dollar value of any rebates or inducements paid to you by us.  For example, we facilitate you with a $700,000 mortgage approval. $550,000 is drawn at settlement, during the next 31 days you pay $2,000 is principal and place $50,000 into the associated 100% offset account. $100,000 of the amount approved remains undrawn during this period. In this scenario your eligible loan balance would be $550,000-$50,000-$2,000 = $498,000 and therefore ineligible for the promotion.
  • If the eligibility criteria are met, the Gift card will be issued on the 25th month after loan settlement to the postal address of each loan applicant in $500 increments.

Full terms and conditions will be included in a Credit Quote we will provide you.


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