Debtor Finance & Factoring

What is Debtor Finance?

  • Debtor Finance is when a business sells their invoices to a financier at a discount price to inject much needed cash into the business.
  • With Debtor Finance, a business doesn’t need property collateral to qualify, instead the invoice itself is used a security.
  • Debtor Finance is easy to use and often all done online

How does Debtor Finance work?

  1. You receive a Purchase Order from your customer
  2. Complete work & deliver product
  3. Obtain evidence you have delivered product/service
  4. Raise Invoice
  5. Send Invoice to Customer and copy to Financier
  6. Financier Pays up to 90% of the invoice
  7. Financier waits for payment
  8. Once paid, financier gives you balance of invoice minus a small admin fee

We specialise in small business facilities

  • $50,000 – $1,000,000 in size.
  • Flexible terms and structures.
  • Privately funded enabling faster setup times.
  • Funding available Australia wide.
  • Property security is not always requirement.