Company Motor Vehicle

Naritas offers a broad selection of different finance types to suit your business financial requirements

Commercial Hire Purchase

  • A Commercial Hire Purchase or Asset Purchase agreement is a contract which enables commercial users to purchase goods by means of time payment with guaranteed end ownership. Equity is increased with each payment and an Option to Purchase may be given at any stage during the contract.
  • The benefits of a CHP include, the choice of financing 100% of invoice price OR contributing some form of deposit, applicable depreciation and interest is usually tax deductible, monthly payments that can be structured to suit your cash-flow, guaranteed end ownership of the goods, the option to purchase the equipment at any time during the term of the contract, and all equity in goods is retained by you.
  • A CHP facility permits flexible repayments, structured to suit your cash-flow. You can vary the money you pay to match the money coming into your business. For example crop sowing time vs crop harvest time. As with both Leases and CHP facilities you have the option to include a balloon or residual payment and our flexible terms mean you can choose the length of the asset purchase. The life of an asset purchase usually depends on two things: how much you want to pay per month, and the life of the asset, you shouldn’t be paying off equipment that is no longer contributing towards your income.


  • We can assist in your next major asset purchase with our highly customisable leasing packages. We can secure finance for almost all types of assets including vehicles, office equipment & plant and equipment. All our facilities feature flexible terms and highly competitive rates.
  • Need it quick? 48 hour completion is available.
  • Using a lease to purchase your business assets allows you to preserve cash-flow, rather than outlaying large sums of capital. The ability to include a residual or balloon payment means you can further reduce your repayments and have the option to sell the equipment, refinance the remaining amount, or upgrade to a newer asset at the conclusion of the lease.
  • On top of this, lease repayments are recorded as a business expense, and are tax deductible.

Novated Agreements

  • If your business runs a fleet of employee vehicles, it’s likely that you know how much of a potential hassle arranging and managing your leased assets can be.
  • That’s why we offer a specialised type of finance facility that deals specifically with this problem: Novated Agreements.