What is Naritas Connectnow?

  • Naritas Connectnow is a free moving home service for consumers.
  • If you’re moving house – Naritas Connectnow is an easy to use service that helps you to find suppliers in your area and arrange them all in the one spot. This service extends to connections for: electricity, gas, internet, phone, pay TV, and water.
  • We can also get quotes on bottled gas, a removalist, car & truck hire, cleaning and more.

Why was Naritas Connectnow created?

  • Naritas Connectnow was created to help busy consumers save time.
  • We provide a range of competitive suppliers and products and enable you to arrange all from the comfort of your chair without spending large amounts of time researching providers and calling around.
  • We only work with suppliers that provide you with a high level of service and a competitive deal.

How does Naritas Connectnow make money?

  • Naritas Connectnow is a free service for consumers. However, to be able to offer a free service Naritas Connectnow has entered into agreements with several suppliers.
  • Under some of these agreements, Naritas Connectnow is entitled to receive a small commission when a consumer takes up the service using our website or call centre.
  • Naritas Connectnow has a panel of suppliers, and not all possible suppliers of power, gas, telecommunications services and other relevant services participate in this panel.
  • In providing advice and recommendations to consumers, Naritas Connectnow only has reference to those participants in its panel who offer relevant services in the customer’s location (and not any other service providers).
  • While the Naritas Connectnow service is FREE, standard service provider connection fees and charges still apply.
  • You pay NO extra charges as a result of using the Connectnow service.

Who are Naritas Connectnow’s partners?

Connectnow is the moving home partner to Naritas Finance. Naritas is an agent of Connectnow which is an independent, privately owned Australian company.

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Why use Naritas Finance?

Fast and Secure

Market leading processes & technology powering the fastest approval times. Applications take less than 30 minutes.

24/7 Customer Support

Extended support hours & our leading edge customer service system providing access to advice & support when and where you need it.

Great Rates

Access to most of the best loans, with the cheapest rates from a huge variety of Australian lenders.

ASIC Regulated

All our credit advisors undergo strict background checks, maintain relevant qualifications and undergo regular bankruptcy and competency tests.

No Hidden Fees

All Naritas products and services are as advertised and have no hidden fees or charges.

Successful track record

A track record of successful outcomes for our clients that sees them return to us as opposed to going to the lender directly.

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