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Why do I need to supply this information?

  1. At the most basic level, we require this information to provide you great service. The better we understand what you’re trying to achieve the more likely we are to satisfy your needs in an efficient manner. We combine this information with the information you provide us in our Fact Find to form the basis of recommendations we may make to you.
  2. Under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCPA) both Naritas and any lender you apply for credit with must make reasonable inquiries about your  requirements and objectives. This form helps satisfy this key compliance requirement under the NCCPA for both Naritas and any lender you may apply with using us.

How long will this take and what happens next?

  • This form should not take more than 20 mins to complete.
  • Should you need any assistance whilst completing the form click here or call 1300 558 887 (during business hours).

Why use Naritas Finance?

Fast and Secure

Market leading processes & technology powering the fastest approval times. Applications take less than 30 minutes.

24/7 Customer Support

Extended support hours & our leading edge customer service system providing access to advice & support when and where you need it.

Great Rates

Access to most of the best loans, with the cheapest rates from a huge variety of Australian lenders.

ASIC Regulated

All our credit advisors undergo strict background checks, maintain relevant qualifications and undergo regular bankruptcy and competency tests.

No Hidden Fees

All Naritas products and services are as advertised and have no hidden fees or charges.

Successful track record

A track record of successful outcomes for our clients that sees them return to us as opposed to going to the lender directly.

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