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Aviation Finance

Naritas provide Aircraft Mortgage, Finance Lease and Hire Purchase facilities. 

  • We structure financing alternatives to suit the needs of our customers.general-loan-1-04
  • This includes structuring loans in currencies other than $AUD when required.
  • We finance a wide selection of aircraft ranging from small single engine aircraft through to jets and helicopters.
  • Our customers are typically single aircraft owner/operators.


Rental / Operating Lease

  • Why pay up front for all the vital equipment you need to run your aircraft when you can rent it for an affordable monthly sum and potentially claim a tax rebate at the same time?

Why it pays to rent:

  • End of Term (EOT) options are flexible, which lets you upgrade or replace with new equipment; extend the rental period with reduced rental payments, or simply return the equipment – no further payments required.
  • Renting means you can afford better equipment for less capital.
  • You can bundle your costs into the same leasing agreement.
  • Our Technology Exchange Program enables you to replace or add to existing equipment at predetermined times – so you can keep up with the best technology without adding to your monthly payments0e51c6d492df09075c63950807d824fb
  • The monthly payments are treated as operating costs and may offer tax advantages. Speak to your accountant for further information.
  • Your rental agreement will not usually appear on your balance sheet as a liability
  • Sale and Rent Back of Existing Equipment lets you determine your own time-frame in switching from ownership to rental.

Hire Purchase

  • With a Hire Purchase agreement you gain equity in your aircraft with each payment over the term of the agreement. You can also choose to include balloon payments up to any amount at any time during the rental period, so if you choose to own the aircraft sooner, you can.

Why it makes sense:

  • Hire Purchase lets you keep cash flow healthy, while you make affordable payments from the additional revenue generated by the use of the aircraft.
  • Fixed monthly payments let you budget accurately, and repayments can be structured to be payable in advance or arrears.
  • You have ownership of the asset at the end of the term.
  • This product may have tax advantages. Speak to your accountant for further information.

Financial Lease

  • With a Financial Lease, we buy the aircraft you want, and then rent it back to you for the term of the lease contract. There is a predetermined residual value at the end of the lease term.

Why it pays to lease:Cessna-421

  • Less capital outlay upfront.
  • Off balance sheet funding.
  • Better aircraft and equipment become more affordable.

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