AveaLogoNoteworthy features:

  • If your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond reasonable repair, AVEA’s Total Assist Insurance can give you added financial protection.
  • Most people who experience the total loss of their vehicle are unaware of the additional costs that can be incurred over and above what their comprehensive insurer pays out.
  • Things such as the excess on the claim, the costs to put a new car back on the road and any Personal items lost in the accident/theft such as CDs, Child Seats and Tools. We also cover any other costs incurred as a result of the accident such as medical or pharmaceutical needs.
  • Losing your car is a traumatic experience and these additional unexpected costs will only make it worse.
  • The great thing about AVEA Insurance’s TAI is that it will send you a cheque for either $3000, $4000 or $5000 as depending on the option chosen, to help out with these unexpected costs, and have you back on the road just that little bit sooner.

Why choose Naritas to assist with your insurance needs:

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