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  • Ever had a car that broke down just out of warranty? Unfortunately it happens all too often! Most customers buy a new car in the hope that they are buying the best “their” money can buy which will give them trouble free enjoyable motoring for the time they own it.
  • The car you are buying today is no exception and is sold to you with every intention of fulfilling that objective. However with any mechanical item it is hard to guarantee or predict what will or will not go wrong.
  • Occasionally customers find themselves with an unexpected mechanical failure. Depending on the kind of failure, this may result in substantial unplanned financial outlay.
  • The great thing about AVEA Insurance is our extended warranty options which can provide protection for the costs of unforeseen mechanical failure for an extended period of time based on the options chosen.
  • AVEA’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is so comprehensive we’ll cover the repair costs for your vehicle if it breaks down due to faulty workmanship or defective components. Even better, we’ll also reimburse the costs associated with towing, car hire, locksmith services and in some cases, accommodation. If your vehicle isn’t fixed within 30 days of authorised repairs, we’ll even help pay your monthly insurance policy instalment.
  • So choose AVEA Mechanical Breakdown Insurance…you won’t find a more comprehensive cover for those times when you just need everything to get sorted.

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