Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

At Naritas we provide the following services:

  • Assistance in determining the kind of properties that best suit the SMSF model.
  • The structured management and processing of the finance and acquisition processes ensure all compliance issues are considered and adhered to.
  • Arrange and facilitate the documentation as required in relation to the establishment of a corporate trustee company, SMSF trust, asset trust and an investment plan.
  • A range of financing options, with key finance providers so that clients can consider a range of options before deciding which is the most suitable for their specific needs.

The Benefits of using an SMSF

  • Accelerate your retirement funds
  • Further leverage to accumulate growth assets
  • Changes to the SIS ACT caters to an increase in product choices
  • Boost retirement benefits
  • Benefits from tax concessions and gains
  • No limit to the benefit you can accumulate in Super contributions
  • Further diversification and asset allocation

We make it easy:

  • We will answer all your questions.
  • We can assist you in sourcing a suitable property for your strategy.
  • We can via our partnerships satisfy the regulatory requirements.
  • We can ensure a suitable risk management strategy is discussed to manage risks associated with renting out your property.
  • We will provide a tailored finance solution.
  • We will via our partners monitor the strategy for the long term.

Why use Naritas?

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