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A serious accident, injury or illness can result in inability to perform in your job. If this situation, how would you support yourself and your family?

Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance provides cover if you are totally and permanently disabled. Total and permanent disability cover is generally acquired along with life cover as it can deliver a financial safety net for such situations.

Remember to read the fine print. Policy defines your cover.

Your insurer will define TPD as either:

  • When you can no longer work again in any occupation, OR
  • When you can no longer work in your previous occupation

Do you need TPD cover? Consider:

  • Your level of private health insurance
  • Your other kinds of insurance, such as your super fund
  • Your family’s requirements and finances in the event of sudden unemployment.

Selecting TPD cover:

  • TPD cover is available from an insurance company or your super fund, a broker, a financial planner or a bank.
  • Stepped or level cover are two options.
  • Check what level of cover you have through your super fund via your member statement
  • Your insurer is contactable via phone or website
  • Read your product disclosure statement (PDS)

TPD insurance assists with the costs of rehabilitation, debt repayments and costs of living.

  • Insurers use different terms concerning what is and isn't totally and permanently disabled.
  • Unemployment for a year is not equivalent to 'permanently disabled'
  • Disability cover typically involves various limitations.

Honesty is crucial with your insurer:

  • When purchasing or recommencing a policy
  • When making a claim
  • When circumstances change
  • When disclosing your personal history

There are lots of definitions and rules to be aware of when you are researching TPD cover. By doing your homework through looking at websites and product disclosure statements, you can protect yourself and your family when you get sick or are permanently injured. Naritas can help. Call our friendly professionals at 1300 558 887 or live chat with us today.

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