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Let us buy your fleet from you so you can unlock your hard earned capital.

By switching your current fleet to Naritas, you will not only free-up working capital but also be rid of ageing, depreciating assets whilst your ‘new’ leased vehicles make you money

GO ON, It’s easier than you think:

  • We will pay you cash for your existing fleet at the recognised market vehicle valuation rate.
  • The fleet vehicles will then be leased back to you under an Operating Lease agreement. This passes all risks of ownership including resale/residual risk over to Naritas.

ENJOY great benefits for your business

  • You will have immediate access to your working capital, which was previously tied up in fleet ownership.

Your capital can be put to work on infrastructure, investments, staff or anything you choose to advance your company.

  • Your vehicles are removed from your balance sheet, so you will no longer have the burden of owning ageing assets.
  • You will also no longer carry the residual value risk of your vehicles as you will no longer be exposed to market value losses.


  • You can switch your entire fleet to an Operating Lease with no operational implications for your vehicles and drivers.
  • Fluctuating and unplanned running costs will be a thing of the past as Managed Fleet Vehicle Maintenance can be included in your fixed monthly payment. Your fleet management time will be vastly reduced as we handle all administration and keep a tight watch on how your fleet is tracking. This includes timely reports for kms travelled, FBT reporting, fuel management and vehicle registration.

If you would like to obtain finance to grow your business please click here for an obligation free quote or contact us on live chat. Alternatively, call us on 1300 558 887 to speak to a friendly Naritas Team member.

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