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The simple way to salary package your new vehicle.

  • If your employer gives you the option to salary package your car, a novated lease is usually the best finance option. With a novated lease, the choice of car and dealership is up to you. Your lender simply acquires the car on your behalf and then you lease it from them. 

  • You then novate the lease to your employer, who takes on all your rights and obligations under the lease, including the responsibility for meeting the lease rentals.

  • The contract is in your name and you remain the registered owner throughout the lease. If you leave the company, you keep the vehicle and take over the payments or get your new employer to make the payments.

The Benefits

Benefits for Employee

  • Repayments are paid by your employer as part of your agreed salary package.

  • You choose which car you buy and where you buy it from. You will retain the car even if you change employment so you can take advantage of equity build up.

Benefits for Employer

  • If the employee leaves, the company is not left with an unwanted car.

  • The employer can provide the employee with a car without having to reflect it on its balance sheet

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