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  1. Buy the type of property that would appeal to owner-occupiers. Not that I plan to sell my property, but because owner-occupiers will buy similar properties pushing up local real estate values. This will be particularly important in 2015 when the percentage of investors in the market is likely to diminish.

  2. Buy a property below its intrinsic value – that’s why you may wish to avoid new and off-the-plan properties that come at a premium price.

  3. Buy in an area that has a long history of strong capital growth and that will continue to outperform the averages because of the demographics in the area. This will be an area where owner-occupiers will want to live because of lifestyle choices and one where the locals will be prepared to, and can afford to, pay a premium price because they have higher disposable incomes. In general these are the more affluent inner and middle ring suburbs of our big capital cities.

  4. Look for a property with a twist – something unique, special, different or scarce about the property.

  5. Buy a property where you can manufacture capital growth through refurbishment, renovations or redevelopment rather than waiting for the market to deliver capital growth.

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