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How can we get you a better deal?

  • Most mortgage brokers just compare only the interest rates of different loans.
  • Your current bank can only offer their set products and the LMI products of the institution's chosen mortgage insurer, which is similarly limited a narrow range of associated premiums

What makes us different from the Lenders themselves? 

We take a very different three step approach to help you find the cheapest loan:

  1. Identify which lenders, LMI providers and discounts you can qualify for.
  2. Identify your specific needs, required loan features and what you are trying to achieve with your loan.
  3. Create a simple comparison for you, by taking your needs, the interest rate, fees, LMI premium and the loan features all into account.

Once we have provided you with a quote, you can then call us to discuss the available options and let us know which mortgage you would prefer to apply for.

  • We are here to give you the information that you need to make an informed decision, not to push particular lenders or loans.
  • We have extensive knowledge of LMI approval criteria and pricing, so we can provide you with an accurate and competitive assessment.

Did you know that it is harder to qualify for a loan if mortgage insurance approval is required?

  • Mortgage insurers are very conservative when assessing a 95% home loan or 90% home loan so it is unlikely that you can get approval from every lender.
  • Unlike most mortgage brokers, we work out which lenders you qualify with before providing you with a quote.
  • This way, we don’t waste your time by offering you a discounted loan that you cannot get approved for
  • Mortgage insurers are more likely to decline your loan based on two factors: you do not meet their genuine savings or credit scoring criteria.
  • If you are just researching then you may like to use our genuine savings calculator and our credit score calculator to find out how the banks will assess your application.

If you need help obtaining a loan please do not hesitate to contact us online now or call us on  1300 558 887

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