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Heating your home doesn’t have to cost the earth… or the planet

Winter time inevitably sees high electricity bills due to the cost of heating your home. But with a few cost-effective tips, you’ll be able to keep your house warm – and reduce your impact on the environment.

Keep doors closed: Closing doors traps heat and blocks air movement. By shutting internal doors, you will help to keep your house warmer at night.

Invest in double-glazing: Cheap windows let the cold air make your house even colder in winter. By investing in quality double-glazed windows, you may knock hundreds of dollars off your heating electricity bill.

Close curtains: For those who do not have double-glazed windows, closing the curtains at night not only gives you privacy, but helps to stop the cold from penetrating your home. You’ll also feel warmer in your bed if it’s away from the windows.

Get cooking: Winter is the best time to perfect your culinary skills in the kitchen, and the steam and heat associated with cooking on the stove top will help warm your house.

Floor rugs: Hot air rises, which means that when it comes to the floor, things can get quite cool. By placing rugs on the floor, particularly in tiled areas, you’ll notice the difference almost instantly… and so will your feet.

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