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Plan ahead when choosing your land and a design for your new home


When it comes to home loans and building or renovating, there are a number of factors to consider. Location is the most important feature, and it’s always best to think about the location in detail before you buy. Once you’ve found the land for building, you should contact your local council to learn about:

  • The land's zoning and what types of homes can be built there

  • Any building restrictions that may apply

  • Any factors that will affect your overall building costs. Find out about bedrock that may need to be cleared, the soil type and the slope of the land, which will affect drainage requirements

  • Any council-planned developments.

Building in a non-developed area

If you’re building on land in an area that’s not already developed, consider if:

  • The land is subject to flooding

  • You’ll need to erect fences

  • The new subdivision has sealed roads, kerbs, utility connections (for example, gas, electricity, town water, telephone) and sewage/drainage.

This information about your block of land will give you an understanding of its unique advantages and limitations. You can then work to develop the final design for your home that best suits your budget, lifestyle and environment – this may be a kit home, a display home or an architect-designed home.

Architects and draftsmen can help determine the home design that best suits your land, your needs and your budget. 

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