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Choosing a builder who is right for you can be the difference between a big headache and an enjoyable, hassle-free project. Consider the following as you select your builder:

  • Make a list of potential builders. Contact the Housing Industry Association (HIA) or the Master Builders Association for builders in your area or, better yet, ask friends and family for recommendations.

  • Ensure the builder is registered and licensed

  • Make sure the builder is financially sound and has insurance

  • Obtain a written itemised quotation clearly showing what is included or excluded in the price. Written quotes allow you to compare quotes more easily and it is wise to get at least three quotes before deciding on a builder.

  • Ask for references. Have a look at the builder’s recent work and speak to some of their satisfied customers. This may be a time-consuming step, but it will give you a good idea of the quality of the builder’s work.

  • You’ll find hundreds of websites about building your own home and useful forums where you can benefit from the experience of other people who’ve recently used a builder.

Some questions to ask your potential builder


It’s important to know what to ask your builder. This list of questions can provide a good starting point. Remember that asking upfront is always better than finding out critical information when it’s too late to reconsider.


  • How long have you been in the industry?
  • What experience do you have?

  • What are your professional memberships and registrations?

  • Can you provide a list of your most recent clients and can we speak with them?

  • Are you insured?

  • How much work do you currently have on and when will you complete it?

  • What other work do you have to start, how will that affect our project?

  • What is the expected time for construction?

  • Do you have any recommendations to improve or speed up the job?

  • What is included in your submission?

  • What work is not included in the submission and why not?

  • Are there any hidden or extra costs that may be charged?

  • What are the standard features and what will cost me more?

  • What warranties and guarantees will you / the manufacturer offer to me?

  • Does any work conducted by sub contractors void any warranties or guarantees?

  • How do your prices compare with other builders and why?

  • Will I be able to access the home during the building process?

  • Site meetings – when and where do these happen?

  • What responsibility do you take if something is found not to be compliant?

  • What is the “defect liability period”? How long does it last and what is covered?

  • Who do I contact if I have any questions during the building process?

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