home-loan-1-04We can assist with the following types of refinances

  • Commercial loans and 90-180 day bank bills.
  • Small Business purpose mortgages secured against commercial collateral or residential collateral.
  • Refinance an SMSF with Commercial Trustee or Commercial Collateral Security.
  • Your ‘balloon’ from a commercial lease.
  • Our ‘balloon’ finance product is particularly unique and applies to asset finance contracts with an expiring balloon or residual OR a current asset finance contract with less than 12 months to run.

Eligible Asset Types

  • Passenger cars and commercial vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes (GVM)
  • Yellow Goods – excavators, backhoes, loaders etc
  • Harvesters, Headers & Tractors
  • Forklifts & Materials Handling Equipment
  • Trailers & Tankers
  • Medical & Dental Equipment (excluding fixtures & fit-outs)d1d73cdd-1b7a-44ef-9e10-9007d2967d8c

Transactions for eligible asset types that meet this qualifying criteria mean:

  • No Financials required with application.
  • No Inspection required.
  • Other asset types not included above MAY be considered under this product

Why use Naritas to refinance your commercial debt?

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