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What type of insurance is right for me?

The insurance cover most suitable to your needs will vary according to whether you:

  • Are single
  • Are a couple
  • have dependents​


​In terms of insurance, the main priority for individuals who are single should be protection from disability and protection from unemployment. In the event of either happening, there may be difficulty servicing the debt.


Mortgage protection cover, along with external life cover, is most suited for those who are in a couple relationship or have a family.

Which insurance types are available?

There are several different kinds of cover, designed for all aspects of your life, from covering your home to your income.

1. Home and Contents insurance

Home and contents insurance is crucial for the security of your home. The insurance covers a range of events, from modest losses to total loss and destruction of property. Contents insurance may vary in regards to the limit placed over specific pieces, and whether you are covered for fusion and replacements.

2. Life, disability and employment cover

Life, disability and employment insurance can help in servicing resulting debt, such as salary continuance. This is a popular cover which read more…