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Naritas Private Fleet

After doing your research and choosing a new car, talk to Naritas to find the best price and service for you. We buy hundreds of cars monthly through our car resourceconnect service, allowing us to pass on great savings for your new car.

We also offer fantastic service, taking care of the purchase, the finance, and the insurance, all tailored to suit your specific needs. Our process is 100% transparent, with a guarantee of significant savings and a pleasant experience when buying your car. We will deliver your new car straight to your door, complete with floor mats and a full tank of fuel.

We buy more. You pay less.

We have the buying power to save you money because we purchase fleets of cars. Our comprehensive network of franchise and factory dealers know that with pre-approved finance, our clients will definitely buy a car.

Five valuations for the best price on your trade-in

We obtain a minimum of five independent valuations from our expansive network of used car dealers to ensure you receive the highest market value for your trade in. This will save you stress and time, as you know you’ll have shopped around without doing the hard work yourself.

So, how does Naritas deliver you the best deals?

2013-06-04 20.21.39We only approach dealers when we have deposits from clients with pre-approved finance who are in a position purchase. This means we aren’t wasting the dealer’s time and therefore they’re willing to give us better deals in return for a fast transaction.

We also consider trade-ins as separate transactions, and always obtain multiple valuations. This is vastly different to dealership trade-ins who generally have just one valuer, and this is proven through their often low trade-in values.

On top of this, we provide dealers with a large number of orders, and consolidate these orders into bulk purchases to net an even better deal for our clients.

Want to know more?

If you’d like our assistance with sourcing your car, Live Chat with your Naritas consultant now to get started, or call us on 1300 558 887.