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10 activities you never imagined your insurer will cover

With an increasing thirst for adventure and quirky experiences, many Australian travellers are utilising their time overseas to experience and take part in sports and activities, which they wouldn’t normally consider whilst at home.


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While it’s generally assumed that you’re not covered by travel insurance in the event of certain potentially ‘riskier’ activities, there are some travel insurers, such as online travel insurance specialist, InsureandGo that do provide cover for certain adventure activities.

“We want travellers to try different adventure activities when they are overseas and have the best possible experience. However, it’s also important that Australians understand the risks involved in partaking in activities and always read the PDS to ensure their activity is covered and ensure there are good safety standards and attending professional instructors or equivalent,” said Mr Jonathan Etkind, Commercial Manager of InsureandGo.

“We’re pleased to be able to give Aussie travellers the additional assurance that they can also be covered by their insurance when purchasing a policy with us that covers many of these activities, in the event anything goes wrong – for instance many people don’t realise that you can be covered for bungee jumping in Switzerland, if you purchase the right policy,” he said.

In response to the increasing popularity of adventure destinations, InsureandGo has put together a list of 10 travel activities from around the world, that you may not know you could be medically covered for, granted you purchase the correct policy.

  1. Ostrich riding – As long as you’re not racing, countries such as Vietnam offer the opportunity to ride these beautiful creatures.
  2. Bungee jumping – Ever wanted to be just like Bond? Verzasca Dam, Ticino in Switzerland provides adventures with the jump that was made famous in the 1995’s GoldenEye opening scene.
  3. Battle re-enactment – Without live firearms of course, there are a number of Medieval Combat Society’s across the UK and Scotland which travellers can take part in.
  4. Mud buggying – Similar to Go Karting, mud buggying sees participants race around a track thick with mud, the best tracks for this are in the rainy UK.
  5. Safari – Would there be any other way to explore South Africa and see all the amazing animals in their natural habitat?
  6. Abseiling – It’s tough to beat abseiling down a rock in Bali onto the beach, fully harnessed of course!
  7. Breathing Observation Bubble Diving –What could be better than sitting on a bright yellow scooter, five metres beneath the water, with what looks like a goldfish bowl over your head.
  8. Paintball – Permitted participants are wearing eye protection, there are a number of crazy paintball fields around the world. A favourite is paintball on a real life military base in Camp Pendleton, San Diego.
  9. Quad biking – Quad biking through a country can be one of the best ways to explore, especially if it’s on an island such as Phuket in Thailand.
  10. Parasailing – The Maldives offer a picturesque location with miles of water to parasail over.

For the traveller that loves to explore and partake in high adventure activities, InsureandGo also offers a tailored policy for Backpackers. This policy provides cover for additional activities such as skydiving, mountain biking and paragliding and will offer up to 18-months of cover.

Before travellers depart on their holiday it is recommended they check their product disclosure statement, or speak with their travel insurance company to understand what requirements may need to be met to be covered, and what may void cover whilst doing these activities.



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