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What kind of people can you expect to provide you service & advice at Naritas?

  • Experienced professionals: Naritas provides personnel who come with a proven track record of topic knowledge specific to your requirements and success within their chosen areas of expertise
  • Soon-to-be graduates or recent graduates of top universities: Naritas support staff are selected for their analytical ability, conceptual ability, intelligence, imagination & energy. 
  • People who can provide you solutions and a competitive edge and who have the respect & gratitude of their clients.

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What kind of standards can one expect of Naritas personnel?

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Management Team

Andrew Nell

Managing Director

[email protected]

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Rhys McConnell

Application Processing Manager

[email protected]

Karlo Fandino

Senior Account Manager

[email protected]

Support Team


Team Assistant

[email protected]


Application Processor

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Product & Policy Intern


Product & Policy Intern


Product & Policy Intern


Product & Policy Intern

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